Hanging or free-standing?

Do you want a piece of glass artwork without installing it permanently in a door or window? Glass panels can be framed and hung just inside a window, or displayed on a windowsill, mantelpiece, or shelf. Some of the pieces on this page are available to buy, or you can commission a piece for yourself or as a special gift.

Light always benefits a piece of glass artwork, so if your piece won't be in front of a window for example, maybe have a look at lightboxes as well.

Glass painting

Glass painting dates back to medieval times. These are not the 'air-dry' or 'bake in the oven' paints available in craft shops, but compounds including powdered glass, melted into the surface of the base glass at around 600ºC, to withstand the test of weather and time.

In traditional stained glass 'trace' paints (black or a dark brown) are used to outline a design on coloured glass, then 'shading' colour (varying shades of brown) are added to provide the tone. These ancient compounds form the basis of traditional stained glass painting. Later transparent coloured enamels allowed greater variety of colour on a single piece of glass though they never achieve the richness of colour of a piece of coloured glass.

Though these techniques date back hundreds of years, they are still very useful today in a contemporary design.