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Blue Kite Stained Glass

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Iain Gutteridge creates stained glass panels for windows and doors, as well as hanging and freestanding panels, for sale and exhibition from his studio in Pewsey, Wiltshire.


Are you interested in a piece of glass artwork? Then I would love to help you. If you would like to phone for a chat, my details are at the top of this page, or send me an email via the contact page. Take a look at one of the galleries of work to see if you like my style!

Before starting any design work I will visit you at the proposed site of the piece of glass to discuss ideas and requirements and to get a feel for the environment and available light.

After this you will receive design ideas and price quote for discussion, before agreement of final design.


Do I have to pay for the whole job in advance? No - you pay nothing until a design is agreed, then 50% of the quoted price to cover the cost of materials, and the balance on completion.

Can I have a stained glass window in double-glazing? Yes - there are a number of ways of displaying glass artwork in a window and still retaining the safety and energy-efficiency of double-glazing.

Does glass artwork add to the value of the house? Absolutely, especially in a front door, it's the first thing people see as they enter the house - estate agents love features like stained glass which add to the uniqueness of your property.

Is it difficult getting the work installed? No - most handy-men could cope, but I am happy to quote for installing the panel for you if you prefer.

If you design me a window, will I see the same one elsewhere? No - I don't use templates, each window I design is unique.

'Stained glass' or 'leaded lights' - what's the difference? Leaded lights are the clear glass windows, often in a grid pattern, joined together with lead strips. Stained glass is a coloured design (strictly speaking one containing 'silver stain', a compound used to create the glorious yellow through to umber colours in church windows).

Any other questions don't hesitate to ask!

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